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Information on the village of Roxburgh, near Kelso in Scotland.

Roxburgh News and Calendar

Calendar of Events and Village News

This section of the web-site is based on a self-update system serviced and maintained from within the community. Adding, deleting and editing is a very simple, non-time consuming exercise, when the information is provided by organisations and groups within the community. If you wish material put into the calendar please contact us via the Contact page with your e-mail address and we will get ... [more]


Kelso Country Churches Split from Kelso Old and Sprouston Parish

Kelso Country Churches (Smailholm, Stichill, Makerstoun and Roxburgh) have split from Kelso Old & Sprouston and linked to Oxnam. The whole charge is currently vacant. ... [more]


Roxburgh Village Committee

At the recent AGM, the following Office-bearers were elected: Chair: Chrissie Roberts Secretary: Eula Wilkin Treasurer: Trish Miller. Refurbishment of the Hall is now complete and it is available for bookings. Contact Secretary: 01573 450208. ... [more]


Calendar Dates

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Archived Articles

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University of the Third Age - 4 Border Abbeys Group

All interested persons in the Roxburgh area will be most welcome to join us at the Abbey Row Centre, Kelso. Further details at: U3A 4 Border Abbeys Group ... [more]


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Last Update: 03/11/2018

Roxburgh News and Calendar